Youth Alliance


The New Mexico Youth Alliance is a statewide advisory group comprised of youth representatives, up to one from each legislative district. The Alliance , established in 2003 by Youth Council Act, enables state lawmakers and administrators to create and refine youth policies with the benefit of feedback and recommendations from a statewide cross-section of informed New Mexico youth. It is also a tool for ensuring that youth have a meaningful voice in the state’s political process.

Scope of work:

There are three terms used to describe Youth Alliance participants: representatives, adult partners, and members.

Youth member/representative: Any of the 112 youth who represent their legislative district on the Youth Alliance. Representatives can be ages 14-22. (As of November 2004, not all districts had a representative. Please refer to the youth alliance application for cohort two.)

Adult member/partner: Any of local adults that are teamed in equal partnership with youth representatives to provide mentoring support with problem-solving, reflecting on Youth Alliance experiences, transportation, and community activities.

Member: Age-neutral term identifying any of the youth or adults described above.

Youth Member/Representative Responsibilities Each Youth Alliance member/representative agrees to meet the following responsibilities:

  • Serve up to two years.
  • Mobilize a local youth peer group to make positive change in their community and advise local officials and community leaders on youth issues.
  • Meet regionally with other youth in cooperation with the New Mexico Forum for Youth and Community.
  • Collect information in order to enable to Youth Alliance to develop an annual policy platform of issues to prioritize.
  • Meet on a statewide level four times a year to discuss youth issues and present their platform and related recommendations to the Governor, the Lt. Governor, and Children’s Cabinet. (Travel cost for statewide meetings paid by the Youth Alliance.)
  • Conduct a community impact project that drawn on the lessons and perspectives learned through the statewide Youth Alliance meetings.

The projects might include service learning, the arts, youth leadership, education and outreach on a particular issue or policy, or volunteering for other community organizations.