Title 1 Homeless Project

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The APS Title One Homless Project is a federally funded program designed to meet the needs of students primarily in the areas of language arts, math and higher thinking skills. Homeless children are eligible for these services regardless of where they attend school.

The first goal of the APS Title I Homeless Project was to assure that the approximately 5000 children and youth identified in Albuquerque in 2008-2009 were enrolled in school. However, enrollment alone is not enough. Additional services have been put in place to assure that these students attend school regularly and succeed in school. All of these services have contributed to increased school success for students. More students are accessing tutoring and health/mental health services. The middle school students are identifying and pursuing more diverse and advanced career choices, and graduation rates are climbing!

Scope of work:

The outreach program has expanded to 22 workers who are responsible for all the schools in the district as well as an ever-growing number of public charter schools. Outreach workers assist students and families with enrollment and transportation procedures. As students are enrolled, they are porvided with backpacks, supplies and school uniforms. Schools that do not require uniforms are asked to assist students in visiting the P.T.A. clothing bank for school-appropriate clothing.
Outreach workers are trained to provide a continuum of wraparound services customized according to the specific needs of the student. Health and mental health services are made available through a weekly case review process. Students with these special needs are referred to agencies who assign case workers. Outreach also included after-school tutoring programs, bus passes, scholarship assistance, and caps and gowns for graduatring seniors. Finally, outreach workers help schools keep track of homeless students who may have irregular attendance. Home visits to families in transitional situations are common.