KUNM Youth Radio


KUNM is providing an opportunity for UNM AmeriCorps students to participate in the KUNM Youth Radio Project as trainers and mentors to the mid and high-school youth programmers. The emphasis of the scope of work will be on providing community based, media-literate, youth driven programming.The AmeriCorps staff for the project will provide support and assistance to the KUNM Youth Radio collective. They will be supervised y the Team Leader and will work with other projected staff in implementing the training, leadership development and quality broadcasting.

Scope of work:

AmeriCorps staff will be involved with all aspects of Youth Radio. Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting to develop, implement and facilitate project and programming evaluation on an on-going basis
  • Being in attendance and assisting with the live weekly broadcasts and training sessions is required
  • Providing team building and effective communication skill building for the youth programmers
  • Assist with interview preparation and implementation (may include escorting to interviews)
  • Communicating with project staff regarding individual and group dynamics
  • Provide a commitment to community based, civic focused programming
  • Assisting with researching topics for broadcast segments
  • Provide media literacy training
  • Assist with script writing

Assist in providing technical training to Youth Radio participants including:

  • Audio editing
  • Production studio operation
  • Portable audio recorder
  • Engineering board operation

Assist Youth Radio participants with:

  • Selecting music
  • Producing events calendar
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Forming ideas for program segments
  • Developing the literacy capacity of the youth programmers

Radio broadcast and production experience is highly preferred. However, AmeriCorps staff will receive additional training they need to carry out their assigned tasks through KUNM.