About: CEC Leadership Program

The Bonner Leaders are a core group of energetic and passionate UNM Service Corps members who are deeply committed to social justice and have a strong desire to create deeper change in the communities in which they work. The UNMSC Bonner Program is meant to be a tool which turn projects, ideas, energy, and resources into initiatives for UNMSC sites.

Bonner Leaders are expected to take a leadership role at their sites and create positive change in the communities in which they serve. Bonner Leaders will not be removed from their sites, but will bring resources of the Bonner Program to their neighborhoods.Bonner Leaders meet on a weekly basis to network, learn & develop skills, and plan & implement projects. Bonner Leaders are highly encouraged to enroll in courses to deepen their experience in the community.

Bonner Leader applicants will be interviewed once completed applications have been reviewed. You may submit applications to our CLPS office in Student Services or unmsc@unm.edu.

The Bonner Leader Program Model

Courses offered by CLPS & academic partners
Certificate in Community Engagement – 18 credit hrs (optional)
Documentation (i.e. documentaries/digital stories, blogs, etc.)Community Engagement
Service at own site
Service projects at other sitesLeadership Development
Developing & implementing 3 CLPS retreats a year
Assisting CLPS staff with monthly workshops
Leadership roles at sites
Conferences (local, national)
Professional Development
R.O.P./ McNair (optional)

Focus Areas

In the 2010-2011 School year the UNMSC Bonner Program will focus its efforts and projects on three different areas:

  • Family services
  • Community health
  • Civic engagement

Bonner Leaders will be tasked to join, or help in the creation of a project in one of these three areas. Each focus area is quite broad so Bonner Leaders have the potential to create projects that take many shapes and forms to best serve their community and interests. It is in the programs interest that Bonner Leaders have the ability to connect their academic study area with that of their project at their community. By doing this, Bonner Leaders maximize their time at school and at work with the greatest efficiency.