The goal of TeacherCorps is to transform the Teacher Edcucation experience by preparing teacher candidates to provide community-based service-learning experiences for K-12 students that utilize community and university assets to address critical community identified needs!

The Focus

  • Partnerships among several Albuquerque Community Schools with up to twenty participating pre-service teachers, their in-service cooperating teachers and community leaders serving as mentors.
  • Integration of local community-based curricula.
  • A commitment to civic engagement as a means for transformational learning.
  • Enhancement of academic rigor by linking learning outcomes with real world community-based experiences.
  • Community learning with a theoretical and experiential basis including applications to curriculum, policy, research methods, and pedagogical strategies.
  • Framework for understanding critical anti-racist pedagogy.





The TeacherCorps Experience

Academics: Teaching Licensure Requirements:  Teacher candidates complete State of NM teacher licensure requirements through coursework and field experiences.                                                                

TeacherCorps Seminar Course (EDUC 493): Provides a space for critical dialogue and reflection.  Course includes learning from community leaders and interdisciplinary faculty.                                          

Community Engagement:  Tutoring/Family Engagement Center: Members serve in before and after school community based learning centers or family engagement centers connected to their field experience schools.  Members create connections between school curriculum by engaging with students, families, and communities.

Leadership Development: Service-Learning Community Engagement Professional Development Workshops:  Members and their cooperating teachers participate in professional development workshops to implement community-based service learning projects in their classrooms.                               

Creating a Culture of Service-Learning in Participating Schools:  Provides service-learning teaching methodologies to implement service-learning school wide.