ACLCP Vision and Mission

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Begin with the End in Mind
The vision’s focus is a concrete global aim.

Measurable outreach begins with a vision—a vision that the Site Team, Support Team, youth, children, and community can accomplish by working together. The vision is the essence of the effort, understood fully by all partners. It expresses why they have joined together to pursue a common goal and serves as our fundamental assumption.

The ACLCP vision is based on input from the partnership teams, and support team and guides the work of everyone involved in the ACLCP. The mission supports the vision statement.

ACLCP Vision

By utilizing resources from each unique community to nurture and educate the whole child, we envision long-term, positive systematic change in our communities.

ACLCP Mission

To advance the quality of life by developing academic and life skills and building confidence and self-esteem; To model democratic principles through equal sharing and team-building; To promote capable community leadership by valuing our diverse cultures, partnerships, and individual contributions; To strengthen communities by developing people as resources unique to each community.

Our Approach

The ACLCP centers/sites will have a community based approach that fosters youth engagement and youth-adult partnerships in learning. The “funds of knowledge” that exist in the communities residents will be an important part of the curriculum, thus validating the communities’ strengths and values.