CEC Initiatives

Corps Without Borders

Adult Bilingual Literacy Projects provide community members with English as a Second Language instruction through the use of critical dialogue and community advocacy for social consciousness.
Civic Engagement Projects focus on high school and college aged students connecting to larger socio-political issues through direct service, advocacy, and policy change.
Community Health Projects include affordable healthcare, prevention, rehabilitations, social-emotional wellness, and traditional ways of healing.
Community Schools Projects include designing and implementing experiential curriculum based on a holistic, multi-disciplinary, community-based approach to critical literacy.
Community Sustainability Projects include a variety of grassroots community projects including environmental justice, community arts, and cultural reclamation.
Corps Without Borders


Economic Justice Projects include developing and implementing financial literacy curriculum for elementary-aged students, a dual credit/university course, and workshops for students and families.
FoodCorps Projects provide hands-on nutrition education, participation in school and community gardens, address healthy food access, and help build strong local food systems.
TeacherCorps Project includes pre-service teachers completing Teaching Licensure field experience and serving in community based centers. Members engage in critical dialogue in workshops and seminar courses.
Tribal Service Corps Projects focus on cultural identity development, health and well-being, academic preparedness, leadership development, and community engagement.
Youth Development Projects focus on academic enrichment, college preparedness, mentorship, and leadership development.