Impact on Local Communities

  • Served more than 30 communities across the state.
  • More than 825 University of New Mexico and Central New Mexico Community College students have served one or more AmeriCorps terms with the UNM Service Corps.
  • Awarded $1,000,000 in AmeriCorps Educational Scholarships.
  • Partnered to generate nearly $20,000,000 in federal, state, and national philanthropic funding for community projects, with 80% of those funds going directly to local communities.
  • Served approximately 50,000 children and families.
  • Served more than 567,255 hours in communities.


Impact on Students

The UNMSC Bonner Program has not only pushed me in terms of professional and leadership development but also al-lowed for networking opportunities with students and organizations across the U.S. I was able to strongly tie in my aca-demics to my Bonner projects which made the experience deeper and more rewarding.
-Christina Romero

The leadership experience I have gained through the program has provided me the opportunity to explore my interests in the fields of social justice and policy. As a Bonner Intern, I have participated in the creation of student government reso-lutions, program creation, and leadership development. Academically, the Bonner Leader Program continues to show me the connections between what I am learn-ing in my courses at UNM to how those lessons can be seen and applied in a real-world setting. I can honestly say that without the UNMSC Bonner Leader Program I would be on a much different path than the one I am on today.
-Daniel Marzec

The Service Corps offered an opportunity that enabled me to travel and to grow. It provided a tremendous opportunity for me to work in different locations to gain new experiences, and to push myself further. What was key was figuring out different strategies to work with the community instead of for the community.
-Joaquin Arguello

I was able to learn more about my own culture. This experience gave me a sense of identity.
-Amanda Barka

This program should be required for all teachers. I have had a holistic education experience because of the Service Corps, and now I know more about issues in the communities.
-Stephanie Montoya

The Service Corps really helps you ask yourself, “Am I really passionate about my major and my work?”
-Mayra Acosta

Working with UNM Service Corps positively affected the way I interact with communities. It’s helped me to understand how to be able to create trust and work to-gether with community members to accomplish our goals. I can use what I’ve learned with UNMSC throughout my life, doing advocacy work.
-Christopher Smith-Lopez

This experience was probably the most valuable college experience I have had.
-Vanessa Apodaca

The knowledge I gained from working has helped me develop stronger leadership skills and qualities that I will use for the rest of my life.
-Lucy Valenzuela